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About Masureel

Masureel was incorporated in 1920 and has developed into a leading textile finishing company. Our permanent investment and diversification efforts have enabled us to offer a comprehensive range of finishing activities.


The yarn division processes over 300 tonnes of yarn per month. In recent years, we’ve increasingly been using the experience and knowledge that we’ve gained to purchase, distribute and finish customer-oriented yarns.

We continuously develop and source new yarns, supported by our in-depth knowledge of materials as well as treatment and finishing processes and by our professional expertise and experience.

We wish to create long-term partnerships with our customers, for which we develop future-oriented solutions.

Our long-term future is also ensured by our recent investments: a water extraction plant enabling us to fully control our process water, our own water purification plant and a fully automated yarn dyeing plant.


Sustainability and ecology

Textile and chemistry usually have a somewhat less sustainable image. We decided to make a difference here as well. Sustainability and ecology are an integrated part of our production process and deserve our permanent attention.

They are a major part of our capital-intensive activities. To be able to meet the most ambitious environmental standards, we’ve located our dyeing and finishing operations next to the Leie river.

We invested in our own ecological water production unit and in a water purification plant. This allows us to use water from the Leie as process water. After the production process, the water is again purified. In this way, we don’t need to use groundwater and can reduce our ecological footprint. Furthermore, we aim in all our processes at maximum energy recovery.

We have been awarded both the REACH and Oeko-tex label.

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Today, our group has 4 divisions

Masureel yarns

The yarn division processes over 300 tonnes of yarn per month. Our yarn dyeing plant is one of the most modern in Europe.


Dyeing and finishing of fabrics, specialised in linen.
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Expert in coating and flocking textiles: next to offering contract work, Flocart also has expertise in blackout curtain fabrics, sun protection and wall covering.
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Trading of basalt roving and yarns but, above all, introduction of our own semi-finished basalt products (fabrics, NCF, non-woven & pre-impregnated threads) on the European composites, technical textiles and reinforcement market.
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