Dyeing yarns

Our modern yarn dyeing plant offers a world of opportunities

In one of Europe’s most modern yarn dye-works, Masureel combines a bobbin and hank dyeing plant. The bobbin dyeing plant is fully automated and can deliver both large and small batches within the agreed upon term.

Development in our own lab

We have our own in-house lab where we can optimise the colours according to the customer’s wishes. Every colour is tested for its colour fastness so that it definitely meets the customer’s pre-set standards. After the colour has been approved of, we can dye small quantities to enable our customers to test the dyed yarns.

Yarns of any type

Masureel has many years of experience in dyeing all kinds of yarns. Our yarn dyeing plant is equipped for yarns in

  • cotton
  • viscose
  • wool
  • flax
  • wool-polyamide
  • wool-polyester
  • polyester
  • acryl
  • nylon
  • fireproof yarns

We dye both our own yarns and as a contractor for customers. We have plenty of space to store yarn and are able to wind the yarns on dye cones prior to dyeing. Also after having dyed the yarns, we can wind them onto the number of cones requested by the customer.

Our hank dyeing plant can dye any requested quantity. We are specialised in dyeing wool and wool mixtures. Here, we can also dye thicker yarns that cannot be dyed on bobbins.

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