Polyester filament yarns

DTY and FDY polyester filament yarns

Polyester filament yarns are kind of a specialty of Masureel. With a wide range of yarn numbers, different cross-sections, various numbers of filaments and multiple finishes (intermingled, with torsion...), we have a suitable solution for any application.

Masureel supplies DTY polyester filament yarns and FDY polyester filament yarns, both in ecru and dyed, for different markets. The dyes for dyed polyester are adapted to your colour fastness requirements. The yarns are always inspected in our in-house lab.

Combined with our warping plant, we also offer these yarns on beams.

The filament yarns come from different origins. Masureel purchases them as a volume product at very competitive prices. After having been processed, the yarns are supplied for furniture fabrics, curtain fabrics, carpets, mattress covers, strands and many other applications.

 dty and fdy polyester filament yarns

Yarn selection

SubdivisionYarnSectionSDFDBRTHIMLIMNIMDye conePaper TubeHankTorsionComposition
DTYPolyester 83dtex/36RD/TR  100%
DTYPolyester 167dtex/48RD/TR 100%
DTYPolyester 167dtex/36/2RD/OCTO 100%
DTYPolyester 167dtex/144/3RD       100%
DTYPolyester 167dtex/48/4 RD      100%
DTYPolyester 167dtex/72RD    100%
DTYPolyester 167dtex/72/3 RD    100%
DTYPolyester 220dtex/72RD     100%
DTYPolyester 330dtex/96RD    100%
FDYPolyester 83dtex/36TR      100%
FDYPolyester 330dtex/96TR      100%
FDYPolyester 660dtex/192TR      100%
RECYCLEDPolyester 83dtex/36RD    100%
RECYCLEDPolyester 167dtex/48RD    100%
RECYCLEDPolyester 167dtex/36/2RD    100%
RECYCLEDPolyester 330dtex/96RD    100%

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