Customised yarn mixes

Development of yarns for specific applications

In consultation with experienced spinners and warp suppliers, Masureel composes new mixes itself. These custom-made yarn mixes meet your technical requirements and have been subjected to a thorough inspection in our own lab.

Masureel controls the entire development process itself, from the very beginning up to the end of the chain. Both for small and large volumes. We think along with you to find solutions for specific challenges.

Why would I go for customised yarn?

We offer a wide range of yarns. However, sometimes a specific approach is called for. The combination of natural threads can result in new functionalities and design patterns.  In recent years, Masureel has developed quite a lot of custom-made yarns such as:

  • specific chenille yarns
  • various wool-polyamide combinations for furniture fabrics, bus and train upholstery

combinations of natural threads with specific functionalities and design patterns 

Let's work together!