Fire-retardant yarns

Wide range of fire-retardant yarns

Masureel has many years of experience in dyeing fire-retardant yarns. In consultation with the customer, we determine the post-treatment of the fabric.

Both Trevira CS and other equivalent fire-retardant polyester yarns with and without brand name can be offered in spun and filament yarn. The yarns are sourced in and beyond Europe and – through our stock service – kept available to our customer.

Next to fireproof polyester, Masureel also has experience with Kanekaron. The dyeing process has been fully optimised so that we can offer dyed Kanekaron yarn as well.

 wide range of fire-retardant yarns

Yarn selection


SubdivisionYarnSectionSDFDBRTHIMLIMNIMDye conePaper TubeHankTorsionComposition
DTYTrevira cs 167dtex/1 RN     100%
 Trevira cs 167dtex/2RN     100%
 Trevira cs 167dtex/64/2 RN     100%
 FR 167/48/1RN     100%
 FR 167/48/2RN     100%
 Recron Fs 167dtex/48/1 RN    100%
 Recron Fs 167dtex/48/2 RN    100%
 Recron Fs 167dtex/144RN    100%
FDYTrevira cs 300dtex/128RN      100%
 Trevira cs 600Dtex/256RN      100%
ATYTrevira cs 450dtexRN      100%
SpunPolyester FR 20/2Ne          100%
 Polyester FR 24/2 Ne          100%
 Polyester FR 30/2 Ne          100%
 Trevira cs 30/2 Ne         100%
 Trevira cs 9.2/1 Ne Bio         100%
 Trevira cs 12/2 Nex2         100%
 Recron Fs 8/1 Ne          100%
 Recron Fs 14/2 Ne          100%
 Recron Fs 20/2 Ne          100%
 Recron Fs 24/2 Ne          100%
 Recron Fs 30/2 Ne          100%
 Recron Fs 40/2 Ne          100%
 Recron Fs chenille 4 Nm          100%

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