Unique yarns in wool

With strong partners and our own trading team, Masureel can offer wool yarns that are adapted to your industry. For the carpet industry, we can offer a comprehensive range of semi-worsted and carded wool, a combination of New Zealand and other wool. For the transport industry, Masureel sources wool with the origin and fineness of your choice.

For the carpet industry, we offer semi-worsted wool yarns for double-piece woven carpets and flat-woven carpets and carded yarns for Axminster, tufted and woven carpets. We also have yarns for aircraft carpets, if requested with Bekinox® incorporated in it.

Furthermore, we also develop wool yarns for the transport industry ourselves. We buy the raw white fiber on tops, a partner spins the yarn according to the pre-set spinning specifications. The type of wool is always selected in consultation with the customer, thus ensuring that every application the most suited yarn is used.

 unique yarns in wool

Yarn selection – carpet industry

SubdivisionYarnSDFDBRTDye conePaper TubeStrengComposition
CardedWol6.4/2Nmcardé   100%
 Wolpolyamide 6.6/2 Nm   80%-20%
 Wol7.8/2Nmcardé   100%
 Wolnylon 4.2/3 NmBekinox    80%-20%
Semi worstedWol 7.8/2 Nm semi worsted    100%
 Wol9/3Nm    100%
 Wol 9/2x2 Nm    100%
 Wol 10.4/2 Nm    100%
 Wol 16.5/3 Nm    100%
 Wolpolyamide 10.4/2 Nm    90%-10%
 Wolpolyamide 16.5/3 Nm     90%-10%
 Wolpolyamide 16.5/3 Nm    95%-5%
WorstedWol 20/2 Nm     100%

Yarn selection – transport industry

SubdivisionYarnSDFDBRTDye conePaper TubeStrengComposition
 Polyester wol 20/2 Nm     80%-20%
 Polyester FR wol 20/2 Nm     80%-20%
 Wol 20/2 Nm    100%
 Wolpolyamide 18/2 Nm     80%-20%
 Wolpolyamide 18/2 Nm     85%-15%
 Wolpolyamide 18/3 Nm     80%-20%
 Wolpolyamide 20/2 Nm     85%-15%
 Wolpolyamide 27/2 Nm     90%-10%
 Wolpolyamide 32 Nm    75%-25%
 Wolpolyamide 36/2 Nm     92%-8%
 Wolpolyamide 28/1 Nm     85%-15%
 Wolpolyamide 28/2 Nm     80%-20%

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