Making weaving beams

Customised weaving beams

Masureel is specialised in customised weaving beams, sheared sectionally. We can make weaving beams up to 3.40 m wide. We have a large creel with over 1000 positions to efficiently shear series.

In combination with our modern dye-works, Masureel offers a comprehensive package when making and sectionally warped weaving beams: yarn, dyeing and sectional shearing. For smaller lengths, your yarn can be wound onto a larger number of bobbins on SSM. You’ll receive a weaving beam according to your own wishes: yarn, colour, number of threads and yarn pattern.

We have comprehensive expertise in textured polyester: in ecru, yarn- or mass-dyed upon demand, in thread-by-thread colour combinations or according to a yarn pattern chosen by the customer.

We make weaving beams for our own yarn but also as contractor for our customers.

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