Wool and yarns for carpets

Situated in the heart of the Belgian carpet industry, Masureel is a supplier to the carpet industry for many years already. Masureel is able to dye in large baths: up to 2 tonnes of yarn on bobbins and up to 3 tonnes of yarn on hanks.

Yarns for carpets in all shapes

Masureel delivers yarns, colours and textures to the customer’s specific wishes. For the carpet industry, you can choose between:

  • wool
  • viscose
  • cotton
  • chenille yarns for flat-woven carpets
  • yarn for weaving beams for carpets

Masureel is also specialised in wool for carpets: both in semi-worsted and carded wool, we have many years of know-how as a textile finisher.

Knowledge at your service

Quality, service, know-how and development support are the major assets of Masureel in the carpet industry. Masureel finds solutions for your technical requirements, both in terms of yarn selection and yarn dyeing. Also our service is customised to your wishes.

Thanks to our many years of experience, Masureel knows which yarns can be used in which type of carpet. Masureel comes to your place to develop, together with your design team, yarns, colours and textures according to your wishes, enabling you to create unique designs. Masureel can deliver small batches within short terms so that you can start your production very rapidly.

 wool and yarns for carpets

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