Transport industry

High-quality yarns for the transport industry

Yarns for the transport industry are right up our alley. Masureel buys the raw white fiber on tops (wool, polyamide or polyester), a partner spins the yarn according to the pre-set spinning specifications. The type of wool is always selected in consultation with the customer, thus ensuring that for every application the most suited yarn is used.

In our yarn dyeing plant, we always use the right dyes meeting your standards. Masureel can also combine dyeing your yarns with a fire-retardant zirpro treatment.

Also for aircraft carpet, we work together with experienced partners and offer a complete package of yarns.

For aircraft curtains, we can offer a comprehensive range of fire-retardant yarns, both in Trevira CS, Recron FS and in nameless FR.

For the automotive industry, we have a complete range of polyester filament yarns, which we dye using dyes meeting the standards of the automotive industry.

As such, we can offer the most suited yarn for any application in train, bus, car and plane.

 high-quality yarns for the transport industry

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