Furniture fabrics and curtains

Specialist in yarns for curtains and furniture fabrics

With an extensive range of machinery for both small and large batches, Masureel is specialised in dyeing yarns for the curtain and furniture fabrics industry. In our lab, we optimise the colours according to the standards of the furniture fabrics industry; every colour is tested in both laboratory and production.

Masureel offers a broad range of yarns for furniture fabrics and curtains, both for warp and weft yarn. As your long-term partner, Masureel wants to support you in your new developments. For this, the textile finisher can offer both the required creativity and technical expertise. Also our many contacts with spinners are definitely an asset in this regard. With our huge range of yarns in stock, Masureel focuses on quality, flexibility and service.

Masureel sources yarns according to the specific wishes of your design team. We have a wide range of yarns in special textures, both in natural and synthetic threads. We can rapidly optimise a range of colours and dye them on single bobbins so that you can easily develop your new collection.

 specialist in yarns for curtains and furniture fabrics

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